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Apr 12, 2024
According to Jacob & Co., allotted time doesn’t fly, it floats For the first time in Geneva, the master designers at Jacob & Co. have created an ingenious interpretation of a classic regulator complication, subverting some of the rules of the method in the most striking way. To keep it simple, a "regulator" is a method of timekeeping (starting with clocks and pocket watches) that separates the functions of hours, minutes, and seconds and displays each function on a separate face on a watch dial. In fact, due to their inherent accuracy, regulator clocks are often used as real-time references by watchmaking shops, even if they do not produce regulator copy luxury watches themselves. However, transforming this ancient complication into a luxurious floating power work of art is beyond the reach of ordinary watch brands. No, that’s the job of a brand as eclectic and undisputedly technical as Jacob & Co. air appearance Again, to keep it simple, the new Jacob & Co. Astronomia Régulateur is a 43mm 18k rose gold regulator watch. But, given the house's innovative and decorative tendencies, the "simple" part of its description ends here, as there is much more to the story. Its floating 3D architecture and signature visual appeal—from component finishes to the vibrant blue and its red and gold colorways—are just the beginning of the extras the Astronomia Régulateur brings to the party. replica Tudor Black Bay


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